La Petite Maison – 3 year contract renewal with Nordaq Filtered Water

London’s Mayfair La Petite Maison, has renewed their contract for a further three years to continue to serve Nordaq filtered water.

Peter Smeaton, of Nordaq UK, said: “We’re delighted to have agreed a new contract with La Petite Maison, which will see it continue to serve Nordaq for another three years.

La Petite Maison has six ‘destination restaurants’ consisting of London, Dubai, Istanbul, Miami, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong serving French/Italian Mediterranean menus and Peter Smeaton also said “It’s testament to the quality of the water – and all the other logistical and eco benefits of the water filter system. La Petite Maison is such a celebrated restaurant and hasn’t looked back since it committed to Nordaq. They’ve been very pleased with the results over the past three years and that’s why they’ve renewed the contract.”