Moor Leasing and its associate company Moor Solar Ltd have extensive experience in providingconsultancy services across a broad spectrum ofindustries

Moor Leasing can advise on how best to build your captive finance company and how to fund its operation. This may be a simple referral programme or even a JV partnership with a Bank. Our sister company Moor Solar successfully project managed the development and commissioning of two commercial solar fields in Lincolnshire. These sites with a capacity of 2.7MW have recently been sold to one of the UK’s largest commercial solar field operators Lightsource Renewables Ltd.
Moor Leasing is the owner and operator of six Lely Aircon 10 wind turbines. The turbines are located in the Outer Hebrides and Thurso in Scotland. All six turbines are located on commercial premises and the power generated is helping those businesses by providing them with a source of clean green energy.

The two Lely Aircon wind turbines operated by Moor Leasing at our seaweed drying facility provide my business with a sustainable supply of clean energy that will help my business for the next twenty years.


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