benefits of working with us

We specialise in providing both CapX and OpX solutions for our clients. Usually our structures include manufacturers maintenance and other service related products. We use simple to understand documentation and try not to overcomplicate matters.

easier budgeting

Fixed monthly instalment keeps you in control of your budget. No more worrying about interest rate changes on variable rate loans.

Total Solution

Get all your requirements in one simple package, including hardware, installation, maintenance and services.

flexible quote

Get the equipment you need now, at the budget you can afford with a quote tailored to your needs.

fully offset

100% of your lease payments can be offset against taxable profits.

avoid the
technology trap

Get the benefit from the latest equipment, without being constrained by owning out-of-date technology.


preserve working capital

Continue to focus your capital on your most profitable activities, and not depreciating assets.


immediate acquisition

Acquire the equipment without waiting for the budget.

keep other credit lines free

Doesn’t impact your credit position.

We have been working with Moor Leasing Ltd for the past five years and find their approach to finance very refreshing. They deliver on their commitments and their support has improved my bottom line without a doubt.


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